Toshiba’s B-EX6T Series of barcode printers is redefining the world of heavy-duty industrial printing. This 6 inch industrial printer is fit for practically any application—Automotive, electronics, telecommunications, food sector, retail distribution, transport and logistics, healthcare, utilities and more! How can the B-EX6T be so versatile? A range of four different models tailor to a plethora of different uses. The B-EX6T is available in both the traditional Flathead and innovative Near Edge printhead technologies. Customize both printhead and size. Opt for the 200 dpi printer or the 300 dpi for exceptionally crisp, clear images.

In addition to customizable options, the B-EX6T series offers a wide range of benefits that will serve any business’ demands.

Low Cost of Operation

The printer contains a long lasting printhead which supports up to 3 million linear inches of printing. Less ribbon changes result from B-EX6T’s 800 meter ribbon capacity. An Energy Star certified product, the B-EX6T saves energy and expenses with its low energy consumption in idle and print mode.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The B-EX6T features dual-ribbon motor system that will ensure less trouble in handling ribbon–say goodbye to ribbon wrinkling and unscannable labels. Loading media and ribbon on the B-EX6T is always simple and quick.It has a bi-folding door and cover damper to free up space. USB and Wi-Fi capabilities, a Real Time Clock, and firmware download all contribute to the B-EX6T’s maximum convenience. Loading media and ribbon on the B-EX6T is simple and expeditious.


In case of wear and tear, print heads and platens change easily on the B-EX6T. This series of printers has a built-in ZPL II emulation standard and you can use its Setting Tool utility for effortless emulation switching. OpenType Fonts supports enable multi-language printing. Encode your tags with the RFID UHF Gen 2 encoding option, scalable to your specific needs.

Best Value

Toshiba’s wide-format labeling B-EX6T is the best in its class. Affordable without sacrificing quality, nowhere else can you find its comprehensive features at such a low price. Ribbon Save technology eliminates waste of ribbons and therefore reduces spending. Print fast with Near Edge print heads to save time as well—max speed of 12 inches per second. With the B-EX6T, premium capabilities come as standard.

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