You need a barcode printer, but with only so much room to spare in your workspace, what do you do? It’s a big job that your desktop printer just can’t handle, but industrial printers carry too much bulk… The Toshiba BA400 is here for you.

You need a barcode printer, but you’ve always had trouble setting up communication between your computers and printers. Why does it have to be so complicated? It’s just printing labels! Don’t worry…The Toshiba BA400 can help you too.

Do you relate to either of these conundrums? Then you should know about this new barcode printer. With the robustness of an industrial barcode printer compacted into approximately 10 by 14 inches of space, the new BA400 series by Toshiba brings a unique set of features to a broad field of applications. It’s trademark characteristics include a compact design, smooth drop in media loading, and advanced connectivity. It has a variety of interfaces, such as Bluetooth capabilities, make it easy to print right from your phone. Let’s take a look at the many qualities Toshiba’s BA400 series will offer to improve your work space.

Perfect for the every environment. Purchase your new barcode printer in one of two versions. The BA410 has a metal case well-suited for rugged manufacturing environments, while the small footprint and plastic case of the BA420 suits workplaces without much space to offer. Environments such as this include retail stores, hospitals, and office spaces. The case’s clamshell design conveniently opens from the top rather than the side taking up no more space for maintenance and repairs.

Built with new, innovative features. The BA400 series maximizes efficiency and productivity with its new system platform and processor technology. CPU and OS platforms extend the connectivity and adaptability of this series of barcode printers. Improved wireless network connectivity is ensured through the BA400’s optional Dual Band Wi-Fi. This series’ print language emulation offers vast compatibility and will integrate easily into any IT system, no matter the complexity. The BA400 printers can do on-demand connections through Bluetooth through its impressive NFC pairing feature.

A printer fit for future trends. This printer has what it takes to keep pace with the latest technology standards, evident in its new OS platform supporting multi print language emulation as well as integration into complex IT systems. The BA400 series also includes future-proof RFID technology. Solutions only possible before with industrial printers are now available on your desktop with Toshiba’s BA400 Series barcode printer.


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