The XLP 504 from Novexx Solutions is the high margin sales opportunity you won’t want to miss. Our Century partners can expect a fantastic margin of 30-40% with this notable industrial-grade barcode label printer.

With the XLP 504, your customers can print high-quality barcodes, text, and graphics reliably while you enjoy long-term revenue streams. The printer itself makes for a great medium to high volume labeling option while its extended family of attachments offers additional solutions for users looking to automate.

Proven performance, honest value, and excellent margins make the XLP 504 a great offering; and a clean distribution channel means you won’t be undercut by internet pirates at every turn. The Novexx XLP 504 and its line of optimized Novexx-branded media are in stock now from Century Systems.

Make a sale that’s worth your time and keeps your customer happy. With the XLP 504’s expanding family of attachments, your sales team can learn one printer and equip customers in a variety of industries with specific automation needs.

Partner with Century Systems and start selling the XLP 504. Our reseller focus makes us easy to work with, and we maintain our reputation as a trustworthy distributor and provider of hassle-free service and support.

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