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Century Systems

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When your printer is down with a technical problem, the solution is just a phone call away. Simply call Century Systems toll free for Phone Technical Support. Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem and help you fix it. In fact, we stay on line with you until the problem is solved. Our technicians provide fast, expert and reliable customer service.

Here’s how Phone Technical Support works:

  • Choose the level of coverage you need.
  • When one of your printers goes down, call us toll free at our Tech Support number.
  • We’ll diagnose the problem and talk you through the solution over the phone.
  • Service includes an unlimited number of calls each month.

Phone Technical Support is simply the fastest and most cost-efficient way to get up and running again.

To prepare for those times when you’ll need more than technical assistance, consider bundling your package with either Depot Service or Hot Swap® from Century Systems. This will cover you in the event you need a repair or replacement – for the most complete protection possible. Ask us how.

We’ll help you make sure your down time is as minimal as possible.

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