Avery Snap 700
  • Resolution: 305 dpi-
  • Speed:Up to 12 ips-
  • 5.125″ Print Width-
  • Connect with Serial, Ethernet, or USB (Option)-
  • Inline Barcode Verifier-
  • RFID Encoder-



More about the Avery SNAP 700
Accelerate performance in global price management and compliance through integrated in-plant,
distribution center and store level solutions reducing complexity while improving speed and accuracy.

Encodes and Verifies RFID
In addition to the ability to print on a variety of media with an optional
RFID module, the SNAP 700 can also print, encode and verify RFID tags,
stickers and care labels.

Increase Productivity
One- or two-sided printing, speeds up to 12” (305mm) per second and
5” (127mm) wide print area allows maximum productivity.
Integrated cutter and stacker means your output can be printed, batched,
cut and stacked in a single operation, saving time and increasing
Easy-to-use controls, quick stock loading and a center-justified feed path
minimize operator attention and training, which minimizes printer downtime.
Voice prompts and virtual control panel simplify adjustments. Remote diagnostics,
operating system upgrades via the Internet and easy consumable replacement makes maintenance quick and

Options and Accessories
Sonic Knife Module:
Required for uncoated, satin polyester  tapes that are not loop sewn
Needed for registering pre-printed logos
For printing that remains in strips and not cut / stacked

Bar Code Verifier:
Scans every bar code and stops printer based on evaluation criteria

Encodes and verifies qualified RFID inlays
Handles rolls of stock up to 20” (508mm)
Useful for large RFID rolls


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