TDM 200 Standard Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

TDM200 is an economical wax/resin ribbon that provides great print quality and scratch resistance on a wide range of print media. Low energy requirements and Todaytec backcoat technology extend the life of printheads in demanding wax/resin applications. Works well on paper, synthetic paper, film (PET), washing labels. TDM200 Spec Sheet

TDM238 Premium Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

TDM238 is Todaytec’s highest performing wax/resin ribbon with almost universal media adaptability. Enhanced scratch resistance properties make TDM238 ideal for many high abrasion applications where print can not be scraped off. The unique properties of TDM238 will allow printing across a broad spectrum of energy and heat settings. Works well on paper, synthetic paper, film (PET), washing labels.  TDM238 Spec Sheet

TDR331 High Performance Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

TDR331 is a high performance resin ribbon with great resistance to abrasion, scratch, water, dirt, solvents and high temperatures. With strong performance across a wide range of applications, TDR331 is a dependable choice for any resin application. Works well on synthetic paper, film (PET), washing labels.  TDR331 Spec Sheet

TDW101 Standard Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon

TDW101 is a standard wax ribbon with excellent print quality, applicable to a wide range of media and an affordable price. TDW101 is used in the coding applications of fast growth industries including warehousing, logistics and internet sales. Todaytec’s unique back coating combined with lower energy requirements extend the performance and life of the printhead. Works well on paper labels, synthetic material, film, washing labels. TDW101 Spec Sheet

TDW121 Premium Enhanced Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon

TDW121 has enhanced scratch resistance, excellent print quality and requires very low print energy. Due to the wide range of adaptability and high levels of performance, TDW121 has beome a dominant worldwide wax ribbon with universal industry approval. Works well on paper, synthetic paper, film (PET), washing labels.  TDW121 Spec Sheet

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