As the US Novexx distributor, Century Systems has reached into new markets with Print & Apply systems–directly opening new sales opportunities for our partners. Novexx Print & Apply systems are the best and most innovative solutions in a demanding industry, packing versatility, durability, speed and cost-saving features into modular designs enabling faster, easier maintenance. Especially coupled with Century’s on-site repair services, 24/7 production with minimal disruption is a production-line tested reality that proves the Novexx advantage even more than their impressive technical specifications. This is an overview of our Print & Apply products for resellers who want to learn more and reach new markets with us.

The ALX Print & Supply line is robust and versatile enough for high and low volume production, ideal for more potential customers. Able to label the top, bottom and sides of products either with integrated direct apply or any of three optional applicators (flexible swing-on, gentle blow-on and economic touch-on), these models can print & apply labels onto virtually any product in almost any position.

Economy Touch-On Applicator (LA-TO)
Touch-On Applicator (LA-TO)
Flexible Swing-Arm Applicator (LA-SA)
Swing-On Applicator (LA-SO)
Gentle Blow-On Applicator (LA-BO)
Blow-On Applicator (LA-BO)

All ALX Print & Apply models include a ribbon save mechanism that cuts annual costs by as much as 50% compared to competitive solutions, significantly increasing the Ratio of Output to Input. In addition to ribbon savings, end users save time and start production faster with easier, user-friendly integration into existing systems and keep going longer with easily replaceable printheads. With a multi-language display standard, these systems are perfect for a broad–international–market.

The ALX 73x series prints and applies up to an impressive 400 labels/min (50m/min), ideal for high speed, high volume production. The ALX 93x boasts a 1:1 Print & Apply mode, in which the system prepares data for the next label while simultaneously printing and applying another. This technology, in addition to printing speeds of 400mm/sec, makes it incredibly efficient for constantly changing labels.

ALX 73x Direct Apply
ALX 73x Direct Apply

Today’s businesses are driven by efficiency that goes beyond time and money to include environmental sustainability. The LPA 81x Print & Apply line taps into this growing green market and adds brand value for you and your customers by increasing sustainability credentials with an innovative backing paper-free solution, drastically reducing environmental impact.

LPA 81x environmental impact infographic

Here’s how it works: the LightSmart™ material arrives coated on the reverse with a non-tack adhesive. Using the LPA 81x Print & Apply unit, data is printed onto the material and labels are cut to the desired length. The adhesive backing is then activated by infrared heat. Thus the LightSmart™ label becomes sticky through heat activation after the print and cut stage–a key differentiator from competing backing paper-free Print & Apply systems. The sticky label is then applied.

This Novexx-exclusive technology cuts consumable costs by up to 60% and reduces operator workload due to fewer and easier roll changes. Reordering is also easier with fewer SKU’s: only one supply roll is needed for different label lengths. The LPA 81x is the ideal solution for content and shipping labels, cartons, trays and pallets.

If you’d like to discuss how Print & Apply systems can grow your business, contact Century’s Vice President of Sales, Chris Herman. Email him at

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