Novexx Solutions has launched the new apex of labeling systems—the XLS 2xx. Rising to the top, this next generation system is the best label applicator money can buy. With the ultimate versatility and features, the XLS 2xx dominates in high flexibility, extreme robustness, and user-friendly operation. Convinced yet? Just wait until you see the price, which checks out for one third the amount of any machine like it!

Customize with various configuration options to fit your labeling needs. The XLS 2xx can meet nearly any requirement because of its complex array of interchangeable parts. Deck out your labeler with an extensive choice of intelligent functions and applicators. You can choose from the XLS 204, 206, 209, 256, and 272, each equipped with its own intelligent functions. If you’re looking for a high-speed label applicator, the XLS 272 is the perfect solution, combining high frequency with maximum accuracy. It functions at an impressive speed of 70 meters per minute. The XLS 209 can help with the application extra wide labels, up to 229 mm or 9 inches, while still performing with precision and reliability. Which XLS 2xx labeling system is right for you?

The Novexx XLS 2xx labeling system comes with numerous advantages:

Flexibility. The XLS features a modular design which helps it integrate easily into existing production lines. The labeler can be combined with your choice of several applicators—this system can stand up to the challenge of any and all projects. Its tandem mode function allows for maximum uptime and productivity while in use.

User-Friendly Operation. On the XLS 2xx’s large display you will find an icon-controlled menu which helps users intuitively operate their labeler. The display, showing machine status, even includes different colored backlights. The XLS 2xx is designed with the Easy Push Rewinder feature. This makes it simpler than ever to quickly remove label material.

Intelligent Functions. Among the key features of Novexx’s newest labeler is automatic adaptation to conveyor belt speed. The XLS 2xx reflects the exact speed of the products moving by without having to be manually set. The system can dispense labels at up to 70 m/min. It can apply them in any possible position on all products, from bottlenecks to boxes, with its 90° rotating dispensing edge.

The Novexx XLS 2xx labeling system is a true leader in the industry to which no other label applicator can measure up. Designed for continuous use in rough industrial settings, the XLS can power through 24/7. It is equipped for most all environments and applications: cosmetics, automotives, chemicals, electronics, and more.

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