• Top Application
  • 203/300 or 600 dpi resolution
  • Large Display
  • Large Window Cover

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The XLP 504 Label Printer is available with an LTSA (“Light Touch Stepper Applicator”) label applicator. The solution includes an XLP 504 printer with internal rewinder/dispenser and LTSA. The XLP 504 with LTSA is available for all three print resolutions: 203, 300 and 600 dpi. With a label size of up to 80 x 80 mm and a max. stroke length of 190 mm, the XLP 504 with LTSA is a perfect fit for multiple applications for the top labeling of products. It can be used both for stopped and moving products.

Key benefits

The XLP 504 with LTSA Applicator is an all-in-one semi-automatic Print & Apply solution:

  • Manual and low volume product identification
  • TCS is connected to XLP with one connector only
  • Control and settings through XLP firmware
  • Motor driven – no compressed air necessary
  • Controlled movement of LTSA to product enables high application accuracy
  • Spring loaded label pad softly touches products – reduced risk of product damages
  • For applications with manual product handling
  • Integration in conveyor systems with moving products
  • Easy to move to different production areas



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