Novexx XTP 804 FAQs

1.  I cannot find the print driver for the XTP 804 in my commercial label software. 
Answer:  The XTP 804 is built on the Novexx Solutions 6404 print engine.  Use the print driver for the Novexx 6404 for your XTP 804.
2.  I cannot communicate to the XTP 804 through the network interface?
Answer:  Check that your IP addresses are the same on both the printer and the software.  Set the Interface Parameter to Automatic.  Try setting the port number to 8000 on both the driver and the printers port setting.  
3.  My XTP 804 printed fine yesterday but when I turned it on today I get this error message on the printers display,  ” Assertoin Failed, I2CAdapter D, 649″.
Answer:  At the end of your last printing job last night the printer placed the next card in position at the printhead for the next printing run.  When the printer was turned back on it did not see a clear path and gave this error.  Turn the printer off and remove the label manually.  Close the protective door and turn the printer back on and the error will be cleared. 
4.  I was having trouble with my XTP 804 so I did a Factory Reset on the printer but now I cannot print anymore and it keeps giving me errors? 
Answer:  The XTP 804 is built with a Novexx Solutions 6404 print engine with special internal setting to enable it to work as a XTP 804.  When you did the factory reset those special XTP 804 settings were erased and replaced by the standard 6404 printer settings.  You will need to follow the directions below to reinstall the special settings back into your printer.   
Both Printer and pick & place device are synchronized by means of the mandatory parameter setting at printer.
>Menu>System Parameters>Missing Label Tolerance>5
Other Parameters, which are recommended to be set after a factory reset specific to XTP Values:
>Menu>Interface Parameters>Drive Assignment>Drive C: USB
>Menu>System Parameters>Mat. End Detect>off
>Menu>System Parameters>External Signal>Single Start
>Menu>System Parameters>Start Print Mode> Puls Falling
>Menu>System Parameters>Ribbonautoecon.>according to needs: [On] or [Off]
5.  What type and size printhead comes on the XTP 804?
Answer:  The XTP 804 printer comes standard with a 4 inch, 300 dpi printhead but it can be upgraded to a 5 inch printhead. 

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