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For Simple Labeling Requirements

LABEL MATRIX is feature-rich label design software for companies looking for a
trusted solution that is simple to install and easy to use. LABEL MATRIX is an intuitive
application with an easy-to-navigate interface. Helpful wizards guide you through
adding text, images, and barcodes, database connections, and advanced design
options to ensure a straightforward process. LABEL MATRIX is the best choice for lowcomplexity labeling environments looking for a labeling solution at a reasonable price!


  • • Label Matrix wizards act as training guides
  • • Support for 100+ barcode symbologies including data matrix and QR Codes
  • • Easily add serialization and incremental values to your labels
  • • Date Offsets. Adjust the current date by a certain interval (often used for best-by and expiration dates)


How can LABEL MATRIX help your company?
• Save Time on Training – Use LABEL MATRIX’ helpful wizards to cut down on training time. Wizards are available for everything from selecting a printer, to database setup, to 2D barcode confguration.
• Fast Track Labeling – LABEL MATRIX includes hundreds of label samples and templates, spanning from address labels to industry regulation labels. These samples and templates allow users to meet virtually any labeling requirements quickly and easily.

• Scale Your Business – LABEL MATRIX is designed to meet the needs of small labeling environments, but powerful enough to handle large labeling projects. When it’s time to move up to a more robust solution, LABEL MATRIX label files easily convert to LABELVIEW files.

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