• Workhorse of the Century Line
  • Easy to Load and Unload Media
  • Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal
  • 203 dpi
  • Up to 10 inches/second
  • 4.09 inch print width
  • Optional Ribbon Save
  • Serial port, Bi-Directional Parallel port
  • On-the fly formatting
  • Near-edge printhead technology

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See the Century Eagle 4 In Action

The Century Eagle 4 Has Ribbon Save


Loading Ribbon Onto the Century Eagle 4

Advantageous FeaturesWith its tough, durable, floating, near-edge print head warranted to print more than 47 miles*, automatic cooling system, field proven heavy duty steel cabinet, and robust inner mechanism, the Century Eagle 4 is built to last.  Save money with the optional ribbon save.  It is remarkably easy to load because of its two ribbon core design, straight paper path, and hinged mechanism.  Furthermore, the 2-line backlit LCD enables users to see messages clearly, even in the darkest environment.  Advanced electronics enable precise, consistent, barcodes and clear text.  Dual belt-less linear torque ribbon motors virtually eliminate ribbon wrinkle.  Engineers applaud the built-in internet server.  It enables remote adjustments, e-mailed commands, printer e-mail responses, file downloads, and XML programming.  Also, the basic command interpreter runs basic programs.  This allows data manipulation making the Century Eagle 4 compatible with legacy systems.



Print Characteristics

• Speed: 3, 6, or 10 inches/second
• 203 dpi near edge printing
• Thermal transfer and direct thermal printing
• Maximum length: 59 inches


• Maximum label roll outside diameter: 8 inches
•  Diameter: 1.5 – 3 inches
• Width: 1 – 5.5 inches
• Thickness: label 0.13 – 0.17 mm, tag 0.15 – 0.29 mm
• Roll, die cut, continuous, fanfold labels tags and tickets

Suitable Applications

• Manufacturing
• Auto Industry
• Chemical Industry
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Textile Industry
• Electronics Industry
• Telecommunications
• Food Sector


• USB interface, Expansion I/O, PCMCIA interface, internal or external ethernet
• 10/100 LAN, wireless 802.11b LAN (internal or external)
• Ribbonsave (Real working ribbonsave!)
• Rotary or swing cutters
• Peel and present dispense module and rewinder (internal)
• Robust external label rewinder
• Hot Swap® extended warranty

*See dealer for limited warranty



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