Novexx Print & Apply

Novexx XPU Pallet Labeler

The XPU pallet labeler offers high levels of reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness, including demanding 24/7 applications, and delivers outstanding print results even in the rough conditions of a logistics environment. HIGH PRODUCTIVITY • Reliable labeling of one or two adjacent pallet sides with just one pallet stop • Up to 180 pallets per hour, at two labels per pallet…

Novexx DPM / PEM Print & Apply, DPM, PEM

Flexible Printing and Dispensing- High performance, robust- Print and dispense wide range of labels- Fast Printing and Dispensing in 1:1 Mode- Maximum print speed of 400 mm/s (24m/min) and 300 dpi resolution- Economic Solution- Increased uptime using 1000m ribbon rolls- Ribbon save function reduces consumable costs- Available in RFID UHF mode-