• 305 DPI print resolution
  • Print at speeds of 2″ or 4″ per second.
  • Thermal Transfer 4 color process or spot printing.
  • Serial, Parallel, and I/O Interfaces.
  • Print up to 3.98″ width x 41.3″ length.

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The perfect solution for Providing Color thermal transfer technology for cost-effective On-demand color labeling output. Its Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black (CMYK) color ribbon process printing capabilities make it ideal for instant, short run, multi-color garment tags as well as product and carton labels.

The CB-416-T3 is a reliable, one-pass workhorse. It’s also extremely inexpensive to operate, thanks to advanced features like:

Ribbon Save
When a specific color ribbon is not being used, or when the CB-416-T3 detects a non-print area of 30 mm or more, the printer activates the Ribbon Save feature. Each print station independently activates Ribbon Save, which prevents the non-used ribbon from advancing – and saves you money.

Backfeed Mechanism
Label media is backfed to the next available start position, eliminating wasted labels between batches.

Corner-edge Printheads
High resolution 305 dpi corner-edge, self- adjusting printheads employ a four- station, four-ribbon machine to produce four-color process colors in a single pass -up to a speedy 6 inches per second. The FETHR (Floating Edge-Type Head Revolution) provides just the right amount of head pressure to print on a wide range of substrates from thin to thick. Plus, TEC offers a vast selection of ribbon and printing materials.

Advanced Registration Control System
An automated system of motors and sensors manages media throughput and make sure that printheads lay down crisp, sharp color, with unparalleled precision and accuracy – guaranteeing superior output.

Interface the CB-416-T3 via a variety of connectivity options including standard serial, parallel port, or optional networking products. These products let you easily integrate into your current TCP/IP, Novell, or NetBEUI networks and other popular host systems, like the AS/400. And, the TEC Windows 95.98, and NT 4.0 drivers provide support for Windows-based packages.

A powerful 32-bit RlSC processor adds power to TEC’s TPCLlC (TEC Programming Control Language Version 1 Color), producing the industry’s fastest throughput. TPCLlC language lets you handle the most complicated label or tag design. Twenty bitmapped and seven outline fonts, plus graphic, line, box, and circle features help you solve even the most complex printing challenges. And, more than 20 one- dimensional bar codes and four two-dimensional codes supply the power you need for all your bar coding applications.

CB-416 In Action

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