• Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal
  • ZPL Emulation
  • 304 dpi
  • Up to 8 inches/second
  • 5.02 inches print width
  • Ribbon Save Standard
  • 2 Serial ports, Bi-Directional Parallel port, and optional USB port
  • On-the fly formatting
  • Near-edge printhead technology
  • Extended 2 year Warranty available

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Full compatibility
Software and supplies are compatible with TOSHIBA TEC’ s previous models – the B-472 & B-572 printers.

Enhanced features:
Internet, E-mail, FTP, XML and BCI

The enhanced functions offer many advantages including:

  • • Remote printing
  • • Less costly software integration thanks to standardized XML data exchange
  • • Remote label format installation and updating (web print spooling)
  • • Efficient notification of errors and events remote technical support
  • • Data manipulation and processing using the BCI

Maintaining the high speed printing of its predecessors, throughput is enhanced by a fast 32 bit RISC CPU (SH-3 88 MHz), 8/16 Mb DRAM image buffer, and 4 Mb Flash Memory for programs and large data file storage

Ease of Use
Access to printhead, platen, paper path, and sensors is improved by the development of new wide opening mechanism.

High print quality
Fitted with Toshiba’s very own printheads -203dpi on the B-SX4 and 306dpi on the B-SX5 -makes these machines unique in the market.

Suitable Applications:

  • • Manufacturing
  • • Auto Industry
  • • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • • Textile Industry
  • • Electronics Industry
  • • Telecommunications
  • • Food Sector
  • • More

Basic Command Interpreter
The BCI can run Basic programs allowing the manipulation of incoming print data to generate the correct label formats. This allows the printer to be connected to existing legacy systems eliminating the need for costly software changes. Easy access to printhead, platen, paper path and sensors

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