• Direct Thermal
  • 203 dpi print resolution
  • Up to 3 inches/second print peed
  • 2″ print width
  • FREE Windows Driver

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The Toshiba B-SP2D is a compact portable thermal printer with a host of features which provide maximum flexibility.  You can easily produce labels, tags, or receipts using Bluetooth, IrDA, and RS-232 communications.  Take your portable printer on the road by simply clipping it to your belt for easy hands free operation.

Compact and lightweight, the B-SP2D fits in the palm of your hand(height:91mm width:114mm Depth:44mm).  Weighing about .84 lb.(380g), the B-SP2D is ideal for warehousing/delivery control systems, price labels, discount labels, shelf-edge labels, bills, inventory lists, and printing various tickets.



•High Speed 32-bit Processor.
•6 types of dot matrix fonts with a character/barcode rotation function: Standard, New Times Roman (medium, bold and italic), Helvetica (medium, bold and italic), Letter Gothic, Courier, Presentation, Price Font 1 and Price Font 2.
•A re-issue button allows for the last label to be reprinted.
•A built in head check function checks for faults in the thermal head.
•Use of flash memory allows up to 20 label formats and a graphic/logo to be stored on the printer.
•Print up to 2″ wide x 6.3″ long labels in batch mode or as small as 1.34″ wide x .28″ long.
•Print a minimum of 600 1.73″ long labels on a single battery charge.
•Batch or Strip mode.
•Direct Thermal Printing.
•203 dpi print resolution
•UL / CSA FCC Class A Compliance

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