• Direct Thermal
  • Flat head printhead
  • Up to 6 inches/second
  • 4″ print width
  • USB, Ethernet

Performance Leader
• Fast print speed loaded with features
• High reliability designed for on-demand printing
Low TCO (Total Cost of Operation)
– Low energy consumption in idle and print mode
– Substantial energy and cost savings
• Easy replaceable print heads
– Easy 203 to 300 dpi interchangeable print heads.
– Auto print head detection with no settings or firmware flash
– Easy service and maintenance
• Competition Emulation (languages) via Setting Tool
– All emulations standard
– Seamless integration into Zebra and other environments
• Confgured choices of Interface options
– Standard USB and Ethernet, others
(Wireless, Bluetooth)
– Seamless plug and play
• Large choices of options
Ease of Use
• Easy top load media
– Designed for single step loading
– Guaranteed fast uptime
• Printer management tool
– Set up, monitor and control multiple printers over network

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