• Available in BOTH Near Edge and Flathead Versions-
  • Ribbon Capacity: 800 M-
  • Max speed: 12 ips-
  • Energy Star Certified-

Value Leader for Wide Format labeling
• Best in Class with comprehensive features
• Fast speed Near Edge head technology with Ribbon Save

Low Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
• Dual Ribbon Motor System – Ensures better ribbon handling, Eliminates ribbon wrinkling or unscannable labels
• Large 800 meter Ribbon Capacity – Minimize frequent user interventions
• Long lasting print head  – Supports up to 3 million linear inches 3
• Ribbon Save  – Eliminate ribbon wastage
• ENERGY STAR- Low energy consumption in idle and print mode, Substantial energy and cost savings

• User installable print heads & platen
– Easy 203 to 305 dpi interchangeable print heads.
– Auto print head detection with no settings or frmware flash
• Emulation
– Built- In ZPL II® emulation standard
– Easy Setting Tool utility for emulation switching
• OpenType Fonts (OTF) supports
– Enable multi language label printing
• Scalable RFID Module
– RFID UHF Gen 2 encoding option

Ease of Use and Maintenance
• Space saving Bi-Folded Door and cover damper
• Front access USB with Real Time Clock (RTC)
– Convenient frmware download
• Easy media and ribbon loading


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