• Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer-
  • 203 or 300 dpi available-
  • Up to 8 inches/second print speed-
  • 4.25 inch label width-

The Avery Dennison® Tabletop Printer 2 (ADTP2™) is a high performance thermal printing and RFID encoding solution in a compact form.
It can print and encode label and tag material at up to 8 inches per second for continuous batch production.

In addition, the ADTP2 can also support on-demand and one-at-time tag printing, encoding and cutting for short-run or replacement applications.

The ADTP2 is ideal for label and tag production in a retail instore application, exception label and tag production in a distribution center, or any printing application that requires high performance in a small space.

– The same rugged, reliable, field proven print mechanism.
– 33% larger ribbon capacity than similar printers and the ability to hold a 200 meter supply for less downtime due to supply changeover.
– Integrated Barcode Assured,™ a fail-safe dot shifting auto correct feature, reduces the incidence of unscannable barcodes and extends usable print head life.
– When print head replacement is required, a tool-free replacement mechanism enables replacement in seconds, by anyone.
– Folding supply door reduces the space needed beside and above the printer.

– Unique tilting print mechanism, illuminated loading area and highlighted touch-points make supply loading effortless.
– Three-color backlit LCD display provides instant visual identification of printer status.
– Standard USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and optional dual-band wireless networking allow easy connection to host systems in a broad range of environments.
– Usable as a standalone system with a keyboard, keypad and barcode scanner accessories for data entry.

– Able to continuously encode RFID supplies.
– Patented non-stop print and encode technology provides up to 3 times the throughput of even full-size tabletop printers.
– Integrated RFID EPC verifier provides an additional data integrity check, to virtually eliminate RFID data errors and provide an audit record for traceability.

Decrease your environmental footprint using EcoCapacity+™ thin liner labels. Switching to EcoCapacity+™ significantly reduces water and energy use, solid waste production and C02 emissions.

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