• Prints up to 2 ips-
  • Lithium Ion Battery-
  • Direct Thermal-
  • 203 dpi-
  • Standardized Download Cable-
  • Prints all standard barcodes-

Use the Pathfinder Ultra Silver printer for item labeling and markdown applications.

Features: Scan, key enter data, one handed print and apply capabilities, Weight: 31 ounces, 25 key keyboard.

Offline portable printing
The 6032 Pathfinder Ultra Silver printer combines key or scanner data entry with printing in a one piece handheld, with productivity enhancing ergonomics. Users of the 6032 Pathfinder experience less hand fatigue due to its ergonomically designed handle and weight distribution.  The rugged design (made from durable plastics and rubber over molds) provides a soft surface that feels light in the hand. Fast processing gets the first label out in one half a second or less.

Ultra Silver DB
The Monarch Ultra Silver-DB has has all the features of the Ultra Silver and adds a database look-up capability with a capacity of up to 10 database files, Up to 3MB of look-up and program file memory, easy access with one scan or keystroke.

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