Flexible ESM™ – High label flexibility and low print energy, this wax/resin is ideal for general applications that require medium scratch and abrasion resistance. This would be considered a value product, where performance may be a secondary concern.

B121 Flexible ESM™ is designed to give outstanding print density on the widest range of label materials at high speed while using minimal printhead energy.  Designed for flathead thermal transfer printers, B121 is an excellent all around flexible wax/resin ribbon that produces dark, crisp bar codes and images and offers durability and scratch/abrasion resistance above a wax ribbon making it ideal for a wide assortment of applications including:

  • Compliance labeling
    • Fresh fruit and produce
  • General labeling
    • Healthcare
    • Horticulture/nursery
    • Inventory (shelf and bin)
    • Retail tags and labels
    • Transportation
    • Warehouse and logistics

B121 Flexible ESM Technical Information

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