Resin enhanced wax ribbon has outstanding durability for a general purpose ribbon. Reduced printhead energy requirements.

General purpose wax thermal transfer ribbons


• Resin enhanced wax ribbon
• Outstanding durability for a general purpose wax ribbon
• Excellent print quality for normal and rotated bar codes and small characters
• Reduced printhead energy requirements extend printhead life
• Prints well at high print speeds


– General purpose labeling
– Shipping, warehousing, and receiving labeling
– Shelf and bin labeling
– Shipping and address labels
– Retail tag and label applications
– Textile and apparel labeling
– Compliance labeling

Recommended Media:

– Coated paper tag and label stock
– Polyethylene films
– Polypropylene films

Technical specifications

Film Thickness: 4.5 Microns
Total Ribbon Thickness: 7.5 Microns
Transmission Density: 1.45 MacBeth Scale
Ink Melting Point: 62º C or 144º F
Recommended Maximum Print Speed: 12 IPS

Star diagram

This diagram is representative of High Mark used in general purpose applications when printing on coated tag and label stocks. Performance ratings are based on a comparison of ribbons within the general purpose wax category. Scale 1 to 5, 5 being the best.






Storage conditions

To ensure optimal performance, please adhere to the following environmental conditions for use, shipping and storage.

o For optimal print results, thermal transfer printing should occur in thetemperature range of 5º C (41º F) to 35º C (95º F) at 45% to 85%relative humidity.

o Recommended shipping conditions for up to one month duration are -5ºC (23º F) to 45º C (113º F) at 20% to 85% relative humidity.

o To ensure the ribbon’s performance, our suggested storage conditionsfor up to one year duration are -5º C (23º F) to 40º C (104º F) at 20%to 85% relative humidity.

Please Note: Exposing IIMAK Thermal Transfer Ribbons to direct sunlight or moisture will cause damage to the ribbons.


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