How to Set Up the Century Falcon 4DT Printer
for UPS Worldship

Part 1.   Windows Print Driver

Applicable Conditions:

The Falcon 4DT printer driver can be installed using the standard ‘Found New Hardware’ wizard.  

Installation Procedure:

NOTE: Before beginning, make sure that you have the Windows print driver folder either on a CD-ROM or downloaded to a folder on your computer.

WINDOWS 2000/XP/ Vista: Connect the serial, parallel, or USB cable (included) from the Falcon printer to the computer, and turn the printer ON.

Once the printer has powered up, Windows will display an alert message indicating that New Hardware has been found.   Shortly thereafter, the Add Printer wizard will start up automatically.
Select ‘No, not this time,’ and then click NEXT.
In the following screen you can select either of the options.   If you choose, ‘Install the software automatically,’ Windows will search the various drives on your computer to locate the drivers.   If you choose the second option, then you will have to specify the location of the driver file.   Click NEXT.
Windows will begin the process of installing the driver.   When the installation is done, click ‘FINISH’ in the last window.

Part 2.   Special Driver Considerations

Before setting up your printer on UPS Worldship, it may be necessary to modify a small number of driver settings.   The primary elements to consider are these:

[1] Label Size
Set the label size according to the dimensions of the label you will be using.   To set the label dimensions, open the Printing Preferences window, and click on the tab named ‘Label Stock’.   (See illustration at left.)   Then either choose a pre-set size from the dropdown list or create a new size to fit the particular label you are using.

When you have set the correct label dimensions, click APPLY and OK.
NOTE: Some versions of the Falcon 4DT Windows driver may have a different layout than the one shown above.   In all instances, however, the label size information will be shown on one of the tabs under ‘Printing Preferences.’

[2] The Problem of ‘Current Printer Settings’

Some drivers allow you to turn control of some printer settings over to the printer itself.   At least when you first set up your driver, it is recommended that you turn off this feature.   In the example shown on the next page, you will see that there are several different parameters that are grayed out.   In each of these sections a checkmark appears in the box that says ‘Use Current Printer settings’.   To alter these settings on your own, uncheck the box, and set the parameters according to your needs.
Above: Illustration of driver options with ‘Use Current Printer Settings’ checked.   To control these settings individually, uncheck the boxes.

Part 3.   Setting Up a Printer on UPS Worldship

Open the UPS System Preferences Editor, and click on the Printing Setup tab.

The printer currently being used by the UPS software will be shown under Label Printer, and the label size currently in use will be listed under Label Stock Dimensions.   Make note of the dimensions listed there if you are planning to retain the existing size with the new driver.

Before continuing, also make note of any checkboxes that are required for your label setup.

Click the button that reads ‘Label Printer Setup.’   A new window will open, which is illustrated below.
To switch from the existing printer to a new one, click on ‘Change Label Printer’.   Select the printer that you want to use from the list of available printers, and then click ‘APPLY’.

The System Preferences Editor screen will now be visible again, and the new printer name should appear in the ‘Label Printer’ box.   Verify that all the settings are correct.   Then click ‘APPLY’ and ‘OK’.


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