These codes, used mostly on pharmaceutical packaging, cannot, by construction, be auto discriminated. Besides the symbology does not have a decode algorithm. For these reasons, the Laetus Pharmacode symbology can’t be integrated to our standard Axicon verifier software and the ISO/IEC 15415 print quality standard cannot be applied. Therefore a specific application was created by our engineers. It is a verification module on its own, that applies the Laetus Pharmacode Specifications requirements for print quality.

This application works in conjunction with our standard verification read heads, where two options are available. Using a standard Axicon 6000 series or using a dedicated white light verifier, the Axicon 6000W, which has the same specifications but a different light wavelength that allows scanning Laetus pharmacodes with light colored bars. Please note that the Axicon 6000W cannot be used as an ISO verifier because of its white light.

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