AWR 470

AWR®470 SolFree® is the only ribbon in the world to be coated without using solvents, including for the backcoating. SolFree® represents a saving of 365g of CO2 compared to the same ribbon (with average dimensions) produced with a traditional process for the backcoating. AWR®470 SolFree® is well known for its high coverage ability which is essential for printing the rough materials widely used in logistics.

This product’s +

  • The only ribbon on the market produced without using any solvent.
  • Enables users to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Very high covering power enabling printing even on the rough label materials.

Main Usages

  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Signage and logos
  • Tags
  • Crate
  • Bag of parts/products
  • Distribution label

AWR 470 Spec Sheet

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